How to put together a wedding planning notebook. This is the most hel

How to put together a wedding planning notebook. This is the most hel

How to put together a wedding planning notebook. This is the most helpful and in depth description I have read yet! EVERY bride needs this if they want to be really organized. // Every bride + Every future wedding planner products-i-love

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EDIT: Well, I was attempting to update the photo on this post and not re-post it...but apparently that is not possible! So sorry for the duplicate post!! However, I did update some of the info in the post! I love lists. Lists for everything! There is something so satisfying in making a to-do list and marking it off as you accomplish tasks. Don't you agree?! I also need to have a tangible, in-my-hands planning tool in order to stay organized. I put together this Wedding Planning Notebook so that I could have everything in one place. After doing some research, I've added in lists, forms, and lots of things I had no idea I would need for planning our wedding! (The printables will link back to their original source) I purchased all my products from the Martha Stewart office line. If you don't want to make your own planner, as I did, Martha has a pre-made planner for just $25. (I spent more than that on the binder, dividers, etc.) I got all my things from Staples, and they are beautifully color coordinated and pretty! I bought the binder, clear zip pouch, sticky notes, dividers (x2) and calendar. (here is a coupon, good until the end of 2012) Now of course you can organize your binder however best suits you, but here is how I organized mine, what I have put in it, what I'm going to be adding to each section and how I plan to use it. First up, the clear zip pouch I have used for fabric samples, business cards, etc. The sticky notes are for, well, notes (duh!) and I've used the little tabs for making additional sections by putting them on pieces of hole-punched card stock to serve as subcategories within the blue dividers. After this I have the calendar. I do obviously have a colander on my computer (that is synced with my iPhone) but I like to have an actual paper & pen calendar too. (edit: I haven't actually been using this. I'd suggest you save your money.) I think this helps with long term planning. I will have dress fittings, cake testings, etc on here, but more importantly deadlines! I want to keep track of when payments are due, contracts have to be signed and final decisions made. After that I have 10 blue dividers. I have broken them down into these categories: Important Budget Ceremony Reception Guests Attire Photographer Florist Rehearsal Miscellaneous. I added photographer and florist to theses because they will apply to ceremony, rehearsal and reception. Within these categories I have added subcategories and worksheets and checklists that I printed from the web. Important - Vendor Contact List Wedding Party Contact Sheet Family Contact Sheet Wedding Day Emergency Kit checklist Your Planning Timeline & Checklist (from 16-9 months before all the way to the week of the wedding) Timeline for wedding day Checklist of everything to be brought to the ceremony and reception, and who is to bring it Budget Your Wedding-Budget Worksheet (This gives suggested percentages for each aspect of the wedding) (I will be keeping an excel sheet on the computer as well for what has been spent) Splitting the Wedding Tab - A guideline for divvying up the costs of the big day Ceremony Copy of Ceremony text What to Ask Your Wedding Officient List of processional & recessional order Contracts Officiant contact information Cost & tips Music to be played and any musicians contracts, contact info and fees Decor Any seating arrangements and reserved seating Program Confetti (Clearly all these items won't actually be going in the binder, but I will put the order forms, receipts, etc in there to make sure I keep track of it all and that I have completed it all.) Reception Timeline of reception (dance, cake cutting, toasts, flower toss, exit, etc) Music Rentals (separate subcategory) w/ contract (see bottom for link to template) Decor Setup info and instructions Menu Beverage List Playlist with noted special songs (1st dance etc) List of who will be giving toasts List of people to thank at reception Favors Cake Guest Book Photo booth (if we end up having one!) Exit sparklers Reserved seat signs Toasting glasses Band contact information, pricing, tips etc All relevant contracts Guests Guest list (I will probably do all this in a spreadsheet) Mailing address RSVPs Dinner choices Gifts received list Thank you notes sent Guest hotel information Welcome bags Attire Bride Schedule of fittings etc (this is redundant, but I want it here too) Dress Jewelry Bag Shoes Lingerie Veil Groom Bridesmaids Dresses Accessories Groomsmen MOB Ring Bearer Photog Contract Must-have photo list List of everyone needed for photos - break this down into names (i.e. Courtney, MOH) Any props (Don't think we will have any) Florist Contract Pricing & budget List of arrangements for Ceremony List of arrangements for Reception List of bouquets List of boutonnieres Flowers for family members Rehearsal Contracts - venue Decorations Caterer contract & menu Vendor contact list Rehearsal Dinner planning checklist (with timeline) Rentals Misc... Honeymoon plans Honeymoon planning checklist Transportation Gifts (from Bride & Groom) Registry info Registry checklist Bridal luncheon plans Best Man and MOH duties checklists ... I also recently came across this fabulous source of Wedding Templates from "Russell + Hazel" - I definitely suggest you check it out for additional helpful form and such!

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